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Cotton Gin Catering is Michiana’s #1 BBQ Catering Company! With years of experience preparing Authentic, Texas Style Barbecues, Cotton Gin Catering has a reputation for delivering out-of-this-world BBQs. However, Cotton Gin also offers a slew of other types of cuisines... because we always want to keep our customers coming back for more!

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Cotton Gin Catering, Michiana’s Best BBQ Catering Company!

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From Brisket to Baked Beans, from Pork Ribs to Peach Cobbler... if you’re looking for a meal that everyone will appreciate Cotton Gin Catering is the place to call. At Cotton Gin we will have your entire meal from Scrumptious Salads to Succulent Sides, From Mouth-Watering Entrees to Delectable Desserts, we deliver your guests the best BBQ Style Food you’re ever gonna have. Plus if BBQ’s not your thing, give us a call anyway, and we’ll customize a menu to your liking!
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types of events we cater


At Cotton Gin, we cater pretty much every type of event you can throw at us. What we try to do is make certain that we have the right type of food for your event... and even that we are the right caterer for your event. We want everyone to be happy... You, Your Guests, even Us. We can do almost any type of event, below are the ones where we are best suited.
Outdoor Weddings (one of our favorites!)
Engagement Celebrations
Family Reunions
Company Outings & Company Picnics
Private Parties
Corporate Parties
Sporting Events
At-Home Playoffs and Sporting Matches
Tailgate Parties
Business Luncheons
Birthday Parties & Anniversary Parties
High School Reunions
Cultural Rights of Passage
Baby & Bridal Showers
Holiday Parties & Events
Trade Shows, Conferences and Conventions
Charity Events and any other gathering where great food matters!


styles of catering we offer


At Cotton Gin Catering we want to give you the style of catering that’s best for you. We offer the following catering styles to our customers. When you’re ready for your next catered event just give us a shout. We’ll cater the food that you like best and we’ll offer the catering style you prefer. Below are the 4 types of catering styles we offer...

After you have placed your order and decide on the date of your event, you simply let our folks know when you want it and it will be ready and waiting. Plus we’ll keep the hot food hot and the cool food cool. Cotton Gin’s Pick Up Catering is one of our most popular types.

We take the same care with Cotton Gin’s Delivery Catering as we do with any other type of catering service we offer. We work with you to develop the menu that suits you best, the day of the event we have the food prepared, we carefully load it up and just like with all of our catering services, we keep the hot food hot and the cool food chilly. Then we drop it off to your event. Doesn’t get much easier than that.

Cotton Gin’s Set Up & Delivery Catering is very similar to our Delivery Catering. The only real difference is that when we deliver your food we also set it up buffet-style. This means we have your warm food in heated Chafing Dishes which have indirect heat to heat a large shallow pan of water which subsequently heats a pan of food above. We also take care to ensure that your cold food stays cold until guests can enjoy it.

Cotton Gin’s Full-Service Catering is exactly what the name implies. We package your food and bring it to your site. We then set up and prepare your food (cooking it on-site if necessary). When it’s time to serve guests we will either serve them buffet style or we will serve them plated meals. Our Full-Service Catering takes all of the pressure off of you so you can enjoy your festivities. After your guests are finished with their meals, we do the teardown and clean up, including packing up. This is just one more way that Cotton Gin makes your life easier and better!






our catering


At Cotton Gin Catering we are known for our Texas Style BBQ Catering more than anything else (except maybe our southern hospitality). We love to cook. We’re passionate about cooking. And we love to cook for other folks. Simply put, that makes us very happy. Almost as happy as the folks are once they eat our delicious food.
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